Septic Service in Palmyra, NY

Are you having issues with your septic system? Don’t stress out; count on East’s A-1 Septic Service and Excavating! Located in Palmyra, NY, we’ve installed and repaired septic systems for homeowners and business owners throughout Wayne, Ontario and Monroe Counties for over 64 years. We are family-owned and operated and certified under O.T.N. through SUNY Delhi of New York State.

A functioning septic system is essential for treating and removing wastewater from your home safely and efficiently. But your septic system can face numerous problems over time, including getting full or not functioning properly due to poor installation. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, it’s important to monitor your septic system’s performance over time to make sure no issues arise. Septic system failure can be harmful to your home, business and even the environment as it can back up your plumbing and contaminate the soil with sludge, grease, algae and more.

Watch out for these symptoms of potential septic system failure:
  • Foul odor in your home or business
  • Decreased drain flow and flushing
  • Sewage back-up in your drains
  • Gurgling sound coming from pipes
  • Lush, quickly growing grass around your septic tank
  • Wet soil around your property

Septic service can cost a fortune and involve complex, time-consuming work in order to resolve issues with your septic system. That’s why East’s A-1 Septic Service and Excavating is committed to providing professional service for your septic system at a reasonable price. We have all the necessary experience and equipment to handle any septic service you need. From inspections to repairs, we’ll help your septic system last longer and save you money in the long run.

We Offer:

Septic Inspection

Septic System Inspections

If you suspect that your septic system is failing, we can help you identify any potential issues. We are certified under O.T.N. through SUNY Delhi of New York State to inspect septic systems in Wayne and Ontario Counties, so you can rest assured that your septic system will be inspected by professionals. We will inspect every component of your septic system, including the tank, drainage fields, leach lines and fields, grease traps, aeration systems and more. If we detect a problem, we’ll communicate with you right away and come up with a solution to solve your problems.

Septic Pumping

Septic System Pumping

Make it a priority to have your septic system pumped every 3-4 years (depending on size and number of inhabitants) so it doesn’t get backed up with oil, sludge or other contaminants. East’s A-1 Septic Service and Excavating provides thorough pumping services for septic tanks, grease traps and more. We’ll make sure your septic system is cleaned out so you won’t have to worry about contaminants backing up your tank and getting into your water supply.

Septic Installation

Septic System Installation and Replacement

Whether you need a new septic system for a newly built house or business or you need to replace a failing system, we’ll help you get your septic system properly installed. We have over 64 years of experience with septic systems, so we know how to correctly install any septic system component, including leach lines, grease traps and more. We make sure to install or replace your septic system within a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable price so you can have your system promptly and professionally installed at a price you can afford.

Septic Repairs

Septic System Repairs

East’s A-1 Septic Service and Excavating can repair any component of your septic system. When one part of your system fails, it can cause larger issues for the rest of your system, so it’s important that you hire the right septic company to make sure your septic system is running smoothly.

For a free estimate on services in Monroe, Wayne and Ontario Counties call 315-926-5597.

Proudly serving the septic system pumping, installation, repair, inspection and excavating needs of customers in Lyons, Newark, Walworth, Williamson, Palmyra, East Palmyra, Marion, Ontario, Port Gibson, Manchester, Shortsville, Phelps and other communities in Wayne, Ontario and Monroe Counties.